TORONTO, Ontario – Today, digital pathology company Pathcore announced the launch of Pathcore Web, an advanced web-based image management platform for research teams working with whole slide pathology images.

Pathcore Web is a secure, browser-based platform for managing pathology and radiology images. Research teams can create, analyze and share cases anywhere, at any time. It comes with a flexible archiving system, custom metadata fields, an intuitive image viewer, and a robust user manager, all in one affordable package.

“Pathcore’s aim is to improve patient care by allowing pathologists to fully embrace digital pathology,” said Dan Hosseinzadeh, CEO of Pathcore. “The Pathcore Web platform will facilitate a comprehensive approach to analysis and reporting, allowing teams to quickly and seamlessly collaborate, ultimately leading to faster results and publications.”

The software requires no installation and supports major whole slide image formats as well as radiology images. Pathcore offers both in-house and secure cloud-based storage solutions.

“Pathcore Web is the backbone of modern pathology imaging,” said Stephane Langevin, Chief Commercial Officer at Pathcore. “Once you try it, you’ll understand why.”

In addition to Pathcore Web, Pathcore offers the Sedeen image viewer, the most advanced free viewer on the market, and Pathcore SDK, a versatile algorithm development platform designed for building and validating image analysis algorithms. To enjoy a free download of Pathcore Sedeen, visit

About Pathcore:

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Pathcore is known for its innovations that support viewing, analyzing, and sharing pathology images and clinical data. Their digital pathology products and services are transforming healthcare by leveraging the power of digital computing and algorithm-based image analysis.

To get more information about Pathcore Web or to sign up for a free 60 day trial, please contact us or visit our website:

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