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The Virtual Microscope

Embedding Images

Pathcore Web allows you to embed your images in your website or publication. It provides an interactive image right on your web page, at the highest level of detail directly from the source scanner. This provides a series of benefits for the reader:

  • Slides can be zoomed, panned, and viewed fullscreen (click on the button above the zoom slider to toggle fullscreen).
  • Slides are made accessible to anyone in the world over the internet.
  • No installation of any software or hardware is required. Images can be viewed as long as the user has an internet connection and a web browser (preferably Chrome or Firefox).
  • Extensive image annotation tools allow the author to communicate effectively.
  • Readers can reference this material more easily.

Here is an example of Pathcore Web embedded on this web page.



Hyperlinking Cases or Images

Pathcore Web also lets you hyperlink your case data or images. Click here to view a sample image, and click here to view a sample case.

You may also want to hyperlink an image. Clicking the image below will lead you to the full interactive image viewer.