Here are some frequently asked questions. If you have questions on how to use Pathcore products, you can visit our support page. For other questions, feel free to contact us.

Pathology is the “gold standard” for diagnosing disease in medicine. Pathologists analyze tissue at the cellular level in order to identify disease and to describe its extent and aggressiveness.
Microscopic analysis of biopsied tissue, interpreted by pathologists, is the only definitive method of diagnosing cancer and grading its aggressiveness.
Pathcore’s digital pathology technology lets pathologists diagnose disease (e.g. cancer) faster and more accurately, allowing doctors to reach more patients, provide better treatments, and reduce operational costs. Pathcore develops software solutions designed to dramatically improve the pathology workflow.
Problem: Pathologists spend most of their time looking into a microscope in order to find disease. This is a difficult and time-consuming task, akin to finding the needle in a haystack. And it’s possible to occasionally miss the needle, leading to undiscovered disease that progresses and becomes more harmful.

Solution: Pathcore’s software helps pathologists find areas of interest more easily, leading to more accurate and consistent diagnosis. As a result, more diseases can be found, and better treatment can be issued.

Problem: Typically a diagnosis is made by a single pathologist and sometimes the opinion of other pathologists are required to make a definitive diagnosis. These “consults” require tissue samples to be shipped, if the required expertise can be found, and delays the diagnosis. Sharing is difficult and restricted by geography and because of that, there isn’t much sharing and collaboration between pathologists and the expertise needed for solving difficult cases is sometimes inaccessible.

Solution: Pathcore’s suite of software provides tools that allow pathologists from all over the world to easily collaborate on cases, allowing more expertise and faster diagnosis.

Pathcore’s products are universally compatible with existing infrastructure in pathology. It builds on top of the tools that pathologists use today, such as whole slide scanners.

Pathcore’s innovations seamlessly integrate complex and disparate health systems while managing vast amounts of data, thereby improving pathology workflow and helping pathologists diagnose diseases more effectively.