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Pathcore for Laboratories

Pathcore Flow™ enables digital workflow in laboratories

Pathcore is committed to providing user friendly, responsive and easy-to-use solutions for large and complex workflows. Our unique Flow platform is an enterprise-grade solution for whole slide imaging which supports many proprietary formats, live microscopy as well as DICOM images. Flow is packed with features the competition cannot match. The many features of Flow reduce the workload of system administrators and empower users.

Major image formats supported.

Pathcore supports most image formats, with support for radiology via DICOM.

Full support for DICOM WSI.

A modern and powerful system that can interoperate
with other system out-of-the-box.

Support for live consults.

Inter-operative consultations are made easy from just about
anywhere and on any device.

Safe and secure.

Enjoy the latest security features in a HIPAA compliant web-based environment.

Easy case management.

Automate image uploads then build, assign and share cases quickly for consults.

Fast reporting tools.

Generate reports from templates and share them with the press of a button.

Built-in QA Tools

Request prospective reviews and get notifications instantly.

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