Pathcore™ announces support for Motic scanners and image formats within its Image Management Solutions for Digital Pathology

      Toronto, 19 March 2018 - Motic Instruments Inc., North America and Pathcore™ Inc. announce a new integration that significantly enhances user experience while expanding access to digital pathology imaging. This new venture provides superior organization and increased efficiency for Pathology teams and allows for easy collaboration across multiple locations. Pathcore™, provider of Image Management Software (IMS) platforms for whole-slide imaging and browser-based data management for digital pathology, [...]

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DICOM Digital Pathology Connectathon

Come to see the a demonstration of interoperability at Pathology Visions. On October 2 & 3rd 2017 Pathcore along with Roche, Philips, Leica and AidPath will demonstrate the use of DICOM standard for acquiring, archival and retrieval of whole slide images. Pathcore's DICOM platform is the backbone of this demonstration. We are excited to demonstrate that our DICOM platform can correctly exchange data with 4 other participants in a fast, [...]

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Pathcore wins 1st place in RESI San Francisco

Out of 30 companies hand-selected by Life Science Nation's scientific review committee, Pathcore won 1st place in the RESI Innovation Challenge in San Francisco. These companies were thoroughly reviewed based on the innovative nature of their core technology and how well-positioned each is to capitalize on their respective market opportunities. Thank you RESI, Life Science Nation, and JLabs.

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Pathcore Partners with Visiopharm to Provide a Powerful Image Analysis and Management Solution for Digital Pathology

Hørsholm – Denmark, November 11, 2016 - Pathcore and Visiopharm today announced a partnership to provide enhanced workflow software solutions for quantitative analysis and management of digital pathology images. By leveraging the strengths of Visiopharm, a global industry leader of digital pathology solutions including quantitative image analysis, and Pathcore™, a web-based digital pathology software provider, the partnership brings together a broader offering of image analysis and management tools that increase [...]

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Pathcore Launches Advanced Web-Based Image Management Solution for Digital Pathology

“Pathcore Web is the backbone of modern pathology imaging” July 14, 2016 TORONTO, Ontario – Today, digital pathology company Pathcore announced the launch of Pathcore Web, an advanced web-based image management platform for research teams working with whole slide pathology images. Pathcore Web is a secure, browser-based platform for managing pathology and radiology images. Research teams can create, analyze and share cases anywhere, at any time. It comes with a [...]

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Pathcore Announces New Chief Commercial Officer

We’re extremely happy to announce that Stephane Langevin will become Pathcore’s new Chief Commercial Officer. Stephane Langevin is an exceptional sales and marketing executive with over twenty years of experience in the healthcare industry. Stephane has led national operations in Canada, Europe and most recently, South East Asia, where he was the General Manager of Abbott Nutrition Philippines. Stephane is a leader who knows how to develop and grow multi-million [...]

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Pathcore Selected by National Cancer Institute to Enable Cancer Informatics Development

$2.92M USD Investment by NCI Will Lead to Validated Clinical Cancer Diagnostic Algorithms Using Pathcore’s Technologies TORONTO, Ontario - January 22, 2016 12:17 PM EST - Pathcore™ and a team of investigators from the US and Canada have received an award from National Cancer Institute (NCI), a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), to develop a pathology informatics platform. This will allow researchers to develop automated cancer detection image [...]

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Pathcore Joins MarS Impact8 Program

Impact8 has a traditional TSX opening event at the Toronto Stock Exchange, shown below. (Dan is in the center!) Thank you MaRS for letting us be a part of the Impact8 program.

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