Pathcore Announces New Chief Commercial Officer

We’re extremely happy to announce that Stephane Langevin will become Pathcore’s new Chief Commercial Officer.

Stephane Langevin is an exceptional sales and marketing executive with over twenty years of experience in the healthcare industry. Stephane has led national operations in Canada, Europe and most recently, South East Asia, where he was the General Manager of Abbott Nutrition Philippines.

Stephane is a leader who knows how to develop and grow multi-million dollar businesses by focusing on strategic thinking, execution, and talent development. He is known for his collaborative and straightforward leadership style, displaying high energy at all times while focusing on results.

With a wealth of knowledge across multiple industries and fields, Stephane will drive Pathcore towards further commercial success by bringing Pathcore’s innovative digital pathology solutions to market. He will lead Pathcore’s business strategies and commercial operations.

Welcome Stephane!

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