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Pathcore SDK

Build your own image-analysis algorithms.

Pathcore SDK (Software Development Kit) is a tool for building and validating quantitative image analysis algorithms for digital pathology. It is fully integrated with the Pathcore’s suite of software, ensuring a seamless user experience and streamlined workflow possibilities. Leverage Pathcore SDK today to rapidly build and deploy your pathology image analysis algorithms.

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Alzheimer’s plaque detection using Pathcore SDK

Deploy solutions anywhere.

Algorithms built using Pathcore SDK are designed for the Sedeen image viewer and can become accessible to anyone in the world if you share them. Sedeen is a free, full-featured desktop image viewer used in more than 100 institutions in over 20 countries.

Build and validate.

Sedeen Image Viewer is trusted by clinicians and researchers around the world. It’s commonly used to view a variety of whole slide image formats, to annotate images, and to overlay multi-modality images for analysis. These features make data collection and analysis easy, allowing end users to provide validation data effortlessly.

Fully integrated.

Because integration is important for effective digital pathology image analysis, Pathcore’s SDK works perfectly with its other products. Deploy your algorithm as a plugin for the Sedeen viewer.

Detecting nuclei from cancerous brain images using Pathcore SDK:

Ownership and licensing is simple.

Licensing Pathcore SDK is easy via an annual license fee. You won’t pay royalties on the sale of plugins you generate with the SDK, and you retain full ownership and control of your intellectual property. It’s that simple.

For Developers. By Developers.

Pathcore is used, tested, and documented daily. We use doxygen to document, CMake to build, GTest for testing, and Qt for the frontend so that you don’t have to. All you need is Visual Studio or GCC. We aim provide all the tools you need to build great algorithms such as an API for accessing multiple data sources, a mature UI for end users, and lots of utilities to make image processing easier.

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