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The Sedeen Image Viewer is available to be download free of charge for personal, academic, or non-commercial uses. In order obtain a copy of Sedeen, please fill out the registration details.

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Sedeen is currently only available for Windows. If you would like a version for OS X (Mac) or Linux, please let us know!

Pathcore Sedeen pathology image viewer

For Commercial Use

For commercial uses of Sedeen, please contact us to discuss how you can use Sedeen in your organization.

Tell Us Your Feedback

We would be happy to hear back you about your experience with the Sedeen viewer.

We do not guarantee that Sedeen is bug free. Although we try our best to fix any bugs that crop up, we do not provide individual support or maintenance for this software. Sedeen is for personal, non-commercial use.

Bug Reports

Bug reports would be very much appreciated. To report a bug, please describe the issue in detail and provide the series of steps required to reproduce the bug. Given the complexity of software and the variability between difference machines, it would be best to provide us with a detailed description of your system, including the operating system and it’s version as well as the version of Sedeen you are using. It would also be helpful to send us an image that can be used to reproduce the bug if necessary. Click here to report a bug.

Feature Requests

While using Sedeen, if there are any missing features or functionality that you feel are important, please let us know.

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If you have other thoughts you’d like to share with us, please contact us.