Unify your digital pathology workflow
Prevent vendor lock-in, integrate new systems with ease, and future-proof your infrastructure.
An enterprise grade VNA, in your browser
Optimize your end user experience and simplify deployments with modern web applications.
Vendor neutral archive (VNA):
Manage standard DICOM data and proprietary WSI image formats
Web accessible
Access your data from any device and any browser, at any time
Future-proof your infrastructure
Choose an open platform with a standard interface, and freely integrate the systems you want when you need them.
Prevent vendor lock-in:
Incorporate proprietary and DICOM images, and third-party machine learning algorithms to achieve your desired workflow.
Remain interoperable:
Leverage healthcare standards (DICOM, HL7, IHE) for information exchange between your internal systems and external partners.
Join us at a Connectathon!
Join us at a Connectathon!
Since 2017, we’ve demonstrated PathcoreUnity™ at various DICOM Digital Pathology Connectathons. Connectathons are a chance to improve product capability and broaden the network of vendors supporting DICOM. The results are always impressive and the implications are always exciting - so if you’d like to keep up to date with upcoming events, check out our blog:
The latest standards for whole slide images
Take the first step towards embracing interoperability