Make your digital pathology workflow easy

PathcoreFlow is the central database for all content produced in a digital pathology laboratory. Managing and searching for data has never been easier. PathcoreFlow replaces Excel spreadsheets with convenient metadata tracking tools, and allows you to attach other digital content easily.  PathcoreFlow uses a familiar folder-based system for organizing data, and powerful permissions give you control over who can access, edit, and view content.  Through rich APIs, PathcoreFlow supports many integrations for third party software, such as image analysis and LIS.

View everything online

View proprietary brightfield and fluorescence virtual slide formats, annotations, and analysis results directly in your browser from all your devices.

View proprietary formats

Control fluorescent channels

Create and share annotations

Generate snapshots for documents

Organize your team’s data

Organize your data with folders and subfolders, assign cases to team members and monitor progress using our interactive dashboard.

Organize with folders and subfolders

Track study parameters centrally

Tag images for quick recall

Automate case assignment

Collaborate easily

Collaborate efficiently by sending links instead of images in the mail. Stay in control of your data and make it easy for others to contribute analysis results or reports.

Create shareable links

Track all data from one place

Embed our viewer in your web pages

Create interactive documents

“Cutting edge and easy to use digital pathology workflows with the most responsive support
– we highly recommend the Pathcore solution”

Andrew Auer, Histotox


Control access and permissions

Manage access easily through roles, user permissions and your existing user management system.  Detailed records are available to support your audits and regulatory requirements.

Define roles for your team

Limit what users can access

Manage users with LDAP or Active Directory

Detailed log support audits

Integrate third party systems

Create a unified digital workflow by bridging all your digital pathology assets. Our built in image analysis integrations and restful APIs can integrate virtually any third party system.

Integrate with Visiopharm analysis

Integrate with any third party system

Import your images automatically

Eliminate workflow limitations with APIs

Make digital pathology easy

Flow is flexible and powerful in equal measure.  Let us show you.