Make your digital pathology workflow easy
PathcoreFlow™ is a robust workflow solution for whole slide images. Designed to streamline collaboration and empower consults.
Loved by users across diverse use-cases
Work online with ease
View proprietary brightfield and fluorescence virtual slide formats, annotations, and analysis results directly in your browser, across all your devices.
Accessible from your browser
User management
Leading format support
High performance transfers
Organize your team’s data
Manage data with a folder system just like your OS, assign cases to team members, and monitor progress using our interactive dashboard.
Folders and subfolders
Track study parameters centrally
Tag and search
Control permissions
Collaborate easily
Collaborate efficiently by sending links instead of images in the mail. Stay in control of your data and make it easy for others to contribute analysis results or reports.
Create beautiful annotations
Share links
Build interactive documents
Limit collaborator access
Integrate your systems
Create a unified digital workflow. Bridge all your digital pathology assets - including third party systems - with our built-in integrations and restful APIs.
Customize your team’s workflow
Improve your image analysis
Import images automatically
Future proof your technology
We’d love to show you our solutions
PathcoreFlow is flexible and powerful in equal measure. Let us show you.