ECDP 2019 Connectathon Announcement

  • March 21st 2019
  • by Will Koziey-Kronas
  • in

We’re happy to confirm another DICOM Digital Pathology Connectathon, at this year’s ECDP conference in Coventry, UK (held April 10th-13th).

If you’re unfamiliar, we’ve dedicated two entire blog articles to exploring the motivation and results of the Connectathons.  But the short is, they’re a great chance to see the benefits of interoperability in action: you can watch our DICOM-complaint solutions exchange data with four other participants quickly and efficiently, right on the show floor.

This time, those participants are: 3D-Histech, Hamamatsu, Roche, and Phillips.  We’re always excited to demonstrate the potential of the DICOM standard – we hope you’re excited to watch!

Stay tuned to our blog for more Connectathon related announcements this year.