Thanks for a great 2019! Pathcore's Year in Review

  • December 17th 2019
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Looking back on 2019, it has definitely been an exciting year for all of us at Pathcore. We launched our new website, introduced new software features, attended many trade shows and conferences, and welcomed new members to our team!

To celebrate a successful 2019, we’ve recapped our most memorable events of the year:

New Features

This year we announced many new and useful features to our software including:

  • Bi-directional integration with Visiopharm and Halo

  • 22+ supported image formats (Zeiss, Aperio, Leica, and more)

  • Figure Maker tool to create collages across multiple images

  • Unlimited fluorescent channels with better performance and band control

Learn more about our software features and capabilities.

Case Studies

In 2019, we had the chance to share how Pathcore has helped and improved our customer’s digital pathology workflows:

HistoTox Labs (HTL) based in Boulder, Colorado adopted PathcoreFlow™ to streamline their digital pathology workflow. HTL faced plenty of bottlenecks and disruptions to their workflow, and was in need of a digital pathology solution to establish better and more efficient practices. “… Only PathcoreFlow™ offered the scanner-agnostic web-based solutions that could improve how we do things” says Roger Pearce of HistoTox Labs. 

Read the case study to learn how Pathcore alleviated bottlenecks and helped HTL experience better organization and control of their data.

Drexel University College of Medicine, located in Philadelphia, turned to Pathcore to achieve their ideal digital pathology workflow. Drexel needed a new solution to support fast, fluid, and adaptable reporting workflow. With PathcoreFlow™ they were not only able to eliminate tedious data entry, but pathologists, researchers, and students alike were all able to boost their productivity. 

Unfortunately in September 2019, Hahnemann University Hospital, the teaching hospital of Drexel University College of Medicine was closed down. The hospital served to train medical students and residents from Drexel University, including the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. For decades, Hahnemann has provided care to the most under-served citizens of the city and the commitment to their community will always be remembered.

Read the full case study: Part 1 and Part 2

DICOM for Digital Pathology Interoperability

DICOM’s Working Group 26 (WG-26) was created to develop and extend the DICOM medical imaging standard for pathology and whole slide imaging (WSI). Our CEO, Dan Hosseinzadeh, serves as the Co-Chair for DICOM WG-26, and is a driving force behind pathology interoperability. Check out his article on the importance of DICOM for digital pathology and how WG-26 is working to make this an industry standard.

The PathcoreUnity™ platform is built on the DICOM standard. As a vendor neutral archive (VNA), Unity integrates with third party hardware and software systems, supporting proprietary and DICOM whole slide image formats, and DICOM radiology images.

In 2019, Pathcore participated in our 6th DICOM Digital Pathology Connectathon where we showcased Unity. We were among the 11 participating vendors, which was the largest Connectathon event to date! Take a look at our 2019 Connectathon wrap-up blog for results and 2020 plans!


Some of our favorite moments this year came from attending conferences; it was getting to meet all of you! Getting to understand the challenges you currently face in digital pathology helps us help you. We love showing you how Pathcore can work for your organization and how we can solve your challenges.

Here are some of the shows we attended in 2019, and will be at again in 2020. Hope to see you there!


(Top Left: AACR 2019 in Atlanta, GA. Top Right: APC 2019 in Boston, MA. Bottom Left: STP 2019 in Raleigh, NC. Bottom Center: TriCon 2019 in San Francisco, CA. Bottom Right: STIC 2019 in National Harbor, MD)

That’s a Wrap!

With that, most of us are taking several days off this holiday season to spend some quality time with family and loved ones. Until then, we wish you a Happy New Year from all of us at Pathcore! We’ll see you in 2020!