Pathcore announces support for Motic scanners

  • March 19th 2018
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Pathcore announces support for Motic scanners and image formats within its Image Management Solutions for Digital Pathology

Toronto, 19 March 2018 – Motic Instruments Inc., North America and Pathcore™ Inc. announce a new integration that significantly enhances user experience while expanding access to digital pathology imaging. This new venture provides superior organization and increased efficiency for Pathology teams and allows for easy collaboration across multiple locations.

Pathcore, provider of Image Management Software (IMS) platforms for whole-slide imaging and browser-based data management for digital pathology, together with Motic, global pathology systems provider, are bringing to market a new, fully-integrated solution to better serve the workflow demands of digital pathology. The two vendor-neutral companies have joined forces to improve user experience and enable pathologists worldwide to share, annotate and review digital slides in high quality formats and to perform long distance telepathology consults.

“We are excited that Motic’s slide scanner systems are now officially supported on Pathcore™’s image management platforms and viewers, giving our users access to world class workflow integration for their every day needs” says Alex Lobozar, General Manager at Motic Instruments.

“The Pathcore platform is vendor-neutral and we seek to enable as many top-tier providers as possible for a truly open – yet secure – and seamless working environment for pathology teams. We are happy to share that this capability is now available with Motic scanners, which will further enable our users to increase productivity, collaboration and reporting capabilities “, says Dan Hosseinzadeh, CEO at Pathcore.

For the benefit of users

With new digital pathology tools, pathologists around the world save time and communicate more effectively than with traditional analog tools. But adoption has been limited by cumbersome interfaces and security issues. The combined convenience of Pathcore’s vendor-neutral platform and Motic’s one-click scanning philosophy addresses these very issues: the integrated system is easy-to-use, secure, and provides convenient browser-based slide viewing and management. Users also have access to customizable workflow patterns to further enhance their efficiency. Pathologists and laboratories will be able to utilize best-of-breed equipment and still communicate with peers in a seamless and secure environment.

Featuring one of the world’s most reliable, easy-to-use scanners, and a state-of-the-art system for archiving images, managing metadata, recording annotations, publishing reports, searching data and exporting content, the integrated offering is ideal for managing digital pathology workflows. With cloud-based or on-premise deployments, teams can seamlessly analyze, archive, organize, search and share data and results while being confident that their data are secure.

About Motic Inc.

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Motic Instruments Inc., North America
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Motic is a groundbreaking company specialized in the development and manufacturing of digital pathology systems and microscopy solutions. Motic’s optical expertise, thorough and heartfelt customer service, and aim to enhance the microscopy experience, has grown the company into a global brand within everyone’s reach.

We are committed to stand by our young scientists from their early steps, improve healthcare and support the progress of scientific research by adapting to the market trends, and by focusing on advanced digital solutions aimed to fulfill the needs of today and exceed the expectations of tomorrow.

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About Pathcore Inc.

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Pathcore is globally known for software innovations that support viewing, analyzing and sharing digital pathology images and clinical data. With an intuitive and open browser-based platform as well as products such as PathcoreSedeen, PathcoreFlow and PathcorePACS, we support users in over 100 institutions in more than 22 countries.

In addition, Pathcore image management solution, removes barriers to adoption, enhances workflow with powerful statistics and improves accuracy and efficiency of disease analysis by leveraging the power of computation and image analysis.