Pathcore Partners with Visiopharm

  • November 11th 2016
  • by Pathcore
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Hørsholm – Denmark, November 11, 2016 – Pathcore and Visiopharm today announced a partnership to provide enhanced workflow software solutions for quantitative analysis and management of digital pathology images. By leveraging the strengths of Visiopharm, a global industry leader of digital pathology solutions including quantitative image analysis, and Pathcore™, a web-based digital pathology software provider, the partnership brings together a broader offering of image analysis and management tools that increase productivity, collaboration and reporting capabilities.

Pathcore Web is a vendor-neutral, secure browser-based platform for viewing and managing digital pathology and radiology images within several customizable workflow patterns. Featuring a state-of-the-art system for archiving images, managing metadata, drawing annotations, publishing reports, searching data and exporting content, Pathcore’s integrated offering is ideal for customers seeking quantitative analysis within their workflows. With cloud-based or on-premise deployments, teams can use Pathcore Web to seamlessly analyze, archive, organize, search, share data and results.

Visiopharm is a vendor-neutral digital pathology provider, with leading-edge expertise in image analysis who have lately become a provider also of end-to-end digital pathology solutions covering the entire digital pathology workflow. In EU Visiopharm offers several IVD algorithms as an aid to the pathologists doing breast cancer diagnostics. Recently Visiopharm also launched a new Viewer completely innovating smooth and seamless navigation.

The integrated offering allows users to navigate medical images and metadata from Pathcore Web with the flexibility of using Visiopharm’s innovative image analysis products such as ONCOTOPIX® and BIOTOPIX™ with the click of a button. These capabilities dramatically optimize workflow by providing seamless transition from one product to the other. Large datasets can be easily analyzed and annotated, and the results can be shared with anyone, anywhere and at any time. “This new partnership raises the bar by providing the best-of-breed solutions to integrated image management and analysis, with a focus on improving the way users interact with their data”, says Dan Hosseinzadeh, CEO at Pathcore.

“It is a strategic goal for Visiopharm to continuously improve digital pathology workflow and the partnership with Pathcore opens capabilities to combine medical imaging results across disciplines to give a superior overview of each patient or study case. This will allow users to save valuable time on a daily basis and to simplify the digital workflow. The future indeed looks very promising with these new applications, which are based on international standards such as DICOM” says Johan Doré, CTO Visiopharm.

About Pathcore

Pathcore is known for software innovations that support viewing, analyzing and sharing digital pathology images and clinical data used in over 160 institutions worldwide over the last decade. With products such as Pathcore Web, SDK and Sedeen Viewer, Pathcore software removes barriers to adoption and improves the accuracy and efficiency of disease analysis by leveraging the power of computation and image analysis. Pathcore is located in Toronto, Canada.

About Visiopharm

Visiopharm is a leading provider of quantitative image analysis software and end-to-end Digital Pathology solutions for biopharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CRO), academic medical centers, and for hospital diagnostic pathology labs around the world. Visiopharm’s software is featured in over 900 scientific publications, and has over 600 licenses placed, with countless users, in more than 30 countries. Headquartered in the Medicon Valley of Denmark, with a branch office in the Netherlands, and a North America office in Broomfield, Colorado.