Take training to new heights with PathcoreScholar v2.0

PathcoreScholar™ is a unique environment that allows authentic clinical experiences to be delivered in medical training programs. With comprehensive support for whole slide images and other medical images, PathcoreScholar is designed for training needs in surgical pathology and other imaging domains such as cytology, hematology and radiology. Its unique flight simulator pedagogy, allows trainees to build confidence and improve diagnostic skills in a simulated case-review environment and a self-directed e-learning platform. 

PathcoreScholar v2.0 Launch - Blog Post Banner

Our latest release, PathcoreScholar™ 2.0, provides a host of improvements that streamline the experience of educators, and provides a wide range of assessments possibilities. Among the featured improvements are a new side-by-side image viewing mode, which allows trainees to compare images and varied modalities. Other usability enhancements to the existing assessments framework, reporting infrastructure, content creation and editing tools, and performance improvements round out the contents of this major release. 

For additional details on these changes, visit the Release Notes PathcoreScholar v2.0.

Empower trainees with self-directed e-learning and maximize trainee engagement with accessible and on-demand web-based tools. Provide trainees access to a wide range of clinical scenarios digitally in order to supplement the clinical workloads of the day. Forget the hurdles of slide maintenance, save time for overloaded faculty, and create a level playing field for trainees.

Feel free to reach out to us if you would like to upgrade your training experience to the next level!