PathcoreSedeen 5

Our widely used and loved virtual slide viewer

Used in over 100 institutions in more than 22 countries, Sedeen 5 is Pathcore’s best image viewer yet. It is your go-to viewer for all your image analysis needs. Sedeen comes with numerous unique features that make it one of the best image viewers in the world today.

Download Sedeen for free now, and experience a brand new way of analysing all your images. Sedeen is Pathcore’s most popular product today. It’s always in development, so expect more features to come in the future.

PathcoreSedeen is used in the following locations worldwide.

Se·de·en : Selective Decoding Engine

Universal Support for Most Virtual Slide Formats

Sedeen supports a variety of whole slide image formats. It currently supports Aperio SVS, Leica SCN, other TIFF-based formats, and JPEG-2000 images. Here is a comprehensive list of image formats supported by Sedeen.

Beautiful Markup and Annotations Tools

Sedeen has extensive annotation capabilities. All the drawing tools you expect like polygon, ruler, arrow, rectangle, oval, freehand and more are built right into Sedeen. You can export these annotations in a human readable XML format, and use them in various other programs. Sedeen allow you to change the properties of overlays (color, name and description) and reports their relevant characteristics (area, length, etc).

Multi-Modality Overlays

Sedeen allows you to stack multiple images and adjust the transparency of each layer, making analysing images that much easier. You can overlay related H&E and IHC images to better visualize protein expression, or overlay multiple IHC images to study protein localization in a whole new way. You can also use the overlay system with serial sections and better track changes that occur at various depth in tissue. You can even compare your histology images to other modalities like MRI, CT and ultrasound! The list of potential applications is endless.

Built-In Image Registration

Images come in all sizes and shapes. For example, when you are working with multiple pathology images, you often want to view these images in a common space (i.e. bring them into alignment). With Sedeen, you can align multiple images manually (rotate, shift, and scale any of the loaded images) so that you can more easily compare images and extract information from a common view.

Great Cropping and Resizing Tools

Crop your virtual slides into smaller, more manageable pieces for publications or for emails. You can crop and resize images one at a time, do them all in batch mode.

Color Correction and Pseudo-Color

Sedeen allows you to apply pseudo-color to grayscale images, which is particularly useful when viewing fluorescent images simultaneously. Sedeen also allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast, and gamma correction factor of RGB images.

Build Your Own Image Analysis Tools

Sedeen comes with built-in analysis tools, but you can also create your own analysis algorithms. Check out the SDK page or talk to your favorite programmer and ask them to build it for you using Pathcore SDK.

Cross Platform in the Future

Sedeen is currently offered for Windows only, but it’s built with a solid foundation. We are exploring the possibility of offering Sedeen for MacOS and Linux in the future.

Tell Us Your Feedback! We would be happy to hear back you about your experience with the Sedeen viewer.

Bug Reports: Please describe the issue in detail and provide the series of steps required to reproduce the bug. Given the complexity of software and the variability between difference machines, it would be best to provide us with a detailed description of your system, including the operating system and it’s version as well as the version of Sedeen you are using. It would also be helpful to send us an image that can be used to reproduce the bug if necessary.

Feature Lists: Please let us know if there are any missing features or functionality that you feel are really important.