Pathcore can help you build digital pathology workflows that exceed expectations.
Leverage our expertise for integrations.
Pathcore’s platforms provide a rich set of APIs that you can use to extend the functionality of the system. If that’s not enough, our developers can help too! Our developers are experts at building software platforms that integrate and facilitate digital pathology workflow.
Get started in the cloud instantly.
Pathcore provides a range of options for hosting and deployments. Try our ultra secure, safe and HIPAA compliant cloud environment if you need to get started quickly or have budget constraints. If you prefer on-premise deployments, we support that too! You can even start in the cloud and migrate to on-premise when the time is right.
We can help create or improve digital pathology workflow.
Do you want digital pathology but haven’t found the right solution yet? Maybe you have tried Flow but still want more. We can help you with integrating a new system within your pathology laboratory, reduce workflow bottlenecks, embrace a digital workflow or any other aspects of digital pathology.